Diamond's Management Group, Inc. (DMG) provides Core/Directional Drilling support services throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Diamond's Management Group, Inc. (DMG) identifies the best Drilling strategy and customizes each job to satisfy the scope of work efficiently.

Diamond's Management Group, Inc. (DMG) provides both Core and Directional Drilling services.

Directional Drilling

  • Directional Drill (Plastic and Steel Pipe) of all sizes
  • Directional Drill rock and rock

Core Drilling

  • Core Drill (Cement, brick, cinder block)
  • Core Drill (Asphalt for meter guard post)


Diamond's Management Group, Inc. (DMG) provides extensive Operator Training to all of its Core and Directional Drilling Operators. During training employees, receive hands-on practice on different machines from small hand grinders to wire saws and everything in between. In addition, Diamond's Management Group, Inc. participates in a comprehensive Operator Qualification (OQ) Program. OQ is a regulation of the Office of Pipeline Safety of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). DOT's Operator Qualification (OQ) regulation 49 CFR 192 subpart N, requires operators to develop and maintain a qualification program for individuals performing covered tasks. Our participation helps us minimize human error by establishing a verifiable and qualified workforce.

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Class A License: H/H and RBC Classifications/Specialties: Concrete, Asphalt, Trucking, Carpentry, Excavation   Registration #: 2705154501