At DMG safety is our #1 priority. From initiation to closure of each project, it is our responsibility to complete every project


DMG is committed to working in a safe environment with the proper knowledge and equipment to complete each job. In order to ensure that all safety requirements are being met at each location, our teams have completed the required Virginia Gas Operators Association (VGOA) safety courses to hold Operator Qualification (OQ) cards, which correlate with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) regulations. In addition, our safety program is approved and verified by Veriforce, a third-party compliance program driven by regulatory and/or company-specific requirements.

To ensure every employee is meeting the regulations established by OSHA, all of our employees are alcohol and drug tested by Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc. The results are submitted to the National Compliance Management Services, Inc. (NCMS). Our Company is registered and in good standing in the NCMS system.

Safety Compliance

Safety Compliance

Our Company participates in a comprehensive Operator Qualification (OQ) Program. OQ is a regulation of the Office of Pipeline Safety of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). DOT’s Operator Qualification (OQ) regulation 49 CFR 192 subpart N, requires operators to develop and maintain a qualification program for individuals performing covered tasks. Our participation helps us minimize human error by establishing a verifiable and qualified workforce.

Risk Management

DMG implements safety techniques and prevention programs that reduces the risks of accidents. Our Company has designed a comprehensive Annual Safety Week that requires all employees to review the OSHA regulations, Tool Box Meetings, Operator Qualifications, and Company Safety Expectations. We also hold daily, weekly, and monthly meetings to discuss Tool Box requirements and near misses on projects. In addition, our Company’s leadership team attends the Annual SCC Damage Prevention Conference. As seen in the graph below, our Company has improved its safety practices tremendously and will continue to do so.